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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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murdered and her boyfriend's body in the house. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. that father returned to his house on oakdale circle in triangle, virginia, just before 5:00 this evening. he called the police saying his 17-year-old daughter had been murdered and her 18-year-old boyfriend was dead. derrick ward has our report tonight from prince william county. >> reporter: it was about 5:00 p.m. when the father came home to the house of 35900 block of oakdale circumstance until triangle and made a horrifying discovery. >> two victims were found with gunshot wounds in the upstairs of the residence. >> reporter: one of the victims resides in the home and police say the man lived there with his teenage daughter. >> they seemed like a very normalfamily. we had lemonade stands, their kids would come and by lemonade for us, that sort of thing. very nice family. >>eporter: sources say the other victim may have been an acquaintance of her, possibly a boyfriend. police are exploring the possibility this is a murder/suicide but no motive is
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established yet. the investigation is focusing on the victim. >> we're not looking for a murder suspect here and i don't want to say any more than that. >> reporter: police say both of the victims are students at forrest park high school in triangle. while family members have been notified, they are not releasing the name of the victims yet. they want to give officials time to prepare and have grief counselors on hand for the student body. they do not expect an easy day at the school tomorrow. in woodbridge, news 4. in downtown silver spring around dinnertime a man left a gym and that's when two guys walked up and tried to rob him but he fought him off so they shot him in the leg on the sidewalk in tnear the afi theat. the man is 20 years old and expected to recover. no one else was injured. they're looking for the two suspects now. police are telling college park residents to lock their doors and windows carefully after i university of maryland student was raped as she slept. investigators say the victim
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woke up early sunday morning as she was being attacked. the man ran away when she screamed. the victim lives with a group of fellow coeds in the 7500 block of dickinson lane. it's an off-campus neighborhood where many students live. investigators say there was no sign of forced entry at the house. hundreds stood in solidarity on georgetown university's campus tonight to show their support for the gay and lesbian community. in the past week there have been two attacks against students. today another instance of intolerance. jackie bensen joins us now with more. jack jackie? >> reporter: doreen, the university confirms just today a note with anti-gay writing on it was found taped to the door of the school's gay and lesbian resource center. emotion ran high as hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil to support two georgetown university students, victims of two separate anti-gay attacks since last week.
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both incidents occurred off campus. early sunday morning at 36th and n street, a male student was punched and beaten by someone who questioned his sexual orientatn. last tuesday a female student wearing a t-shirt supporting gay rights was assaulted while walking along canal road. >> this can happen to any of u. and even though unfofortunately one was killed here, we never know when that might happen and we all need to be vigilant. >> reporter: the head of the local chapter of gays and lesbians opposing violence quoted an alarming statistic of those assembled. >> in washington, d.c. of all hate crimes committed, over 75% of the hate crimes in this city are based on sexual orientation or gender identity. nationally, that statistic is only 15%. >> reporter: georgetown university has issued a statement deploring these crimes and prosing extra patrols. doreen, back to you. >> jackie bensen at georgetown. jackie, thank you.
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people in virginia will go to the polls tomorrow to elect their next governor. both candidates spent some of the final hours of the campaign in northern virginia today. recent polls give republican bob mcdonald a double-digit lead over democrat creigh deeds. mcdonald began his day in alexandria. deeds rallied this evening with some of the state's heavy hitters, including virginia senator jim webb and governor tim kaine. both campaigns are focused on getting out the vote. >> these next 24 hours, i need all of us to be all in to make this happen. and the only poll that matters is the poll that will be taken tomorrow from 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the afternoon. >> it's all about who ows up on game day. elections are the same. it's all about who shows up for 13 hours at the polls tomorrow. >> the other republican candidates on the ballot are hoping mcdonald's coattails are long enough to help swing them into office. the office of lieutenant governor, attorney general and
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all 100 seats in the house of delegates are all being contested. the polls will open in virginia at 6:00 tomorro morning. they close at 7:00 tomorrow night in an effort to prevent the spread of the h1n1 virus. hand sanitizers will be provided before the voters use the electronic machines. hamid karzai has been named the winner of afghanistan's presidential elections. the election commission there declared the current president the victor today after his opponent, abdullah abdullah pulled out of a planned runoff election on saturday. abdullah cited corruption. president obama called karzai to congratulate him. he says he told karzai that the u.s. will work closely with him but he expects to see better governance and a real effort to eradicate corruption. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the election now decided,
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president obama can turn his full attention to a decision on troop levels in afghanistan. that decision is expected before the end of the month. available supplies of the swine flu vaccine are increasing. federal health officials are saying that the vaccine has proven to be widely effective. clinical trials show just one dose offers protection for pregnant women, but children ten years and younger still need a second dose. 30 million h1n1 vaccine doses have been allocated to the united states. another 10 million are on the way this week. demand is still high. hundreds of people lined up for vaccination clinic at the mall in manassas today. still ahead on news 4 -- a ground beef recall after two deaths. >> incredible story of a baby in the need of a heart transplant and success of a new kind of surgery at johns hopkins. researchers say certain diets could make you more susceptible to depression. and coming up later -- bruce
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springsteen showing washington who's boss. >> it's a cool night and we have no problems tomorrow for voting. in any area of the country for that matter. coming up in sports -- redskins return to the practice field in preparation for the falcons. speaking of the falcons, they are in action tonight. and how long will ail etch ovechkin b
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there was a marriage proposal during the second day of hearings on the district's same-sex marriageproposal. a man named adrian got down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend. they compared it to a ballpark proposal saying he wanted to share an expression of his love. but opponents of same-gender marriage were not moved. they say the right of marriage should be reserved for traditional couples. council members are expected to vote on the issue next month.
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ground beef that may be linked to two deaths and dozens of illnesses is being pulled from shelves here in maryland and virginia. a company in new york state called fairbank farms recalled half a million pounds of ground beef. it may have been contaminated with e. coli. it was sold in stores in seven states, including maryland and virginia. both of the deaths were in northeastern states. there's new evidence what you eat could have a strong impact on your mental health. researchers at the university of college london say those who ate processed and fatty foods were 50% more likely to suffer from depression. those with diets rich in vegetables, fruth and fish decreased the risk for depression. antioxidants and good, fatty acids found in healthier food are linked to incased brain activity.
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coming up -- a report on why firefighters had to be careful with a massive geyser in the streets of california. a local right now, she's saving money and it's not by giving haircuts at home
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s for your health tonight about transplants.
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usually a child has to die for another child to get a life-saving olife-save i ing organ. >> just three days after alexander lindsey was born, she underwent her first heart surgery. >> there was actually no connection between her heart and lung lungs. >> doctors at johns hopkins children's center were able to reconnect the organs but they found the rockville infant had taken a turn for the worse. >> she was actually going into het failure, we didn't know. >> reporter: ali's little heart was stopping. nobody knew if it was the result of the heart defect she was born with or something else. but doctors were sure she would need a heart transplant if she was going to survive. >> she was hanging on and not looking very well. she also needed to be on the ventilator. she had not gaining weight and adequate nutrition. she was quite ill.
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>> reporter: but jop hopkins pediatric cardiologist sedentarying to get a new heart for an infant is risky. >> as many children will be on the heart transplant list and not get a heart in time. sometimes it's even as close to 30% don't get hearts in time and die wting on the list. >> reporter: shiel and the heart pediatrician said they could not afford to wait for a match so they would try something new. >> we had to basically bite the bullet and do our first abo heart transplant. when you're against the wall, you fight. >> it means the donor's blood type doesn't match the recipient. it's relatively new science but transplant surgeons are finding that it can work in very young children. that's because babies younger than 14 months have undeveloped immune systems and very few antibodies. so they don't always reject the donor organ. >> what happens is the immune
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system is immature, and has not been primed to react to -- to a foreign antigen. >> reporter: one study found the hearts were the same as those who got organs from matching donors. it was the morning of christmas eve last year that the lindsey family got the phone calls that would turn out to be their greatest gift ever. >> and it was one of the nurses from the pic unit said she was really happy to tell us they think they found a heart for her. >> reporter: the donor is blood type b, ali is type a, but the surgery was a success. and now nearly a year later, ali is home and smiling. >> and that's the greest thing to watch her enjoy something, anything. it's incredible. >> the new heart grows and develops along watt child and doctors are hopeful ali's heart will last a very long time. they expect her to be able to play sports and run around with her friends like every other kid.
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a group of young women from the washington area is hooking up with some high-powered mentors. first lady michelle obama invited 10th and 11th grade girls from the metropolitan area to the white house today. they were there for the kickoff of a program that will pair them with professional women who work in the white house. mrs. obama will be one of those mentors. the goal of the program is to help the young women reach their full potential. a similar program for young men is also in the works. >> wow. nice opportunity. >> johnson is a metro environmenter, about the environment and young people are interested in that. >> and helping young people learn about science. >> yes, indeed. very important, and math. right, vance? you love imagine. >> yeah, right. onto another subject, it has been a -- a different moon out
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there. that's the full beaver moon from our sky watcher in from our chopper 4. boy, we had a nice sunset, too. outside our current temperature, high temperature today was just average. this was an average day. for the high at least. 62 degrees. the average high is indeed 62 degrees. here's what's going on. quiet weather week around not only our area but much of the country. look at the temperature when's we see these temperatures for high temperatures, not a whole lot of difference from north to south. it means after last week's wild weather, remember the big storms out in colorado. there is a little ripple. little area of clouds and low temperature scurrying to the north and the area that brought us those weekend rains continues to move off the coast. there you can see nothing in and around us. but there is boston. they are finally the last showers. there's still some around nantucket and martha's vineyard moving out to sea and finally they will get a bit of a break, too.
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all of the leaves are pretty much gone in new england and that little ripple is causing a few rain showers around buffalo. even some leftover snowflakes around land owe lakes, wisconsin. they had a .10 of an inch of rain. still have the northsterly wind. close to home, mcclain, temperatures are in the 40s. with the clearing skies in the bright moon out tonight, it will be a chilly night. overnight tonight, we will be continuing to see clear skies. we will get a northeasterly wind. the little ripple to the north moves by. a lot of sunshine of the some of the afternoon fair weather clouds. then for wednesday, high pressure moves in on us. a lot of sunshine. but wednesday and thursday, going to be a couple of the days when skies are clear. so the nighttime, as we get into november, is going to be really cold. only in the 50s but no big storms coming our way yet.
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great voting weather. not only around virginia but new jersey, all areas of the country that are having some elections, special elections. few fair weather clouds during the afternoon but bright sunshine. temperatures near average. that is near 62 degrees, a little bit breezy with the north to northeasterly wind. as we get on into wednesday and thursday, more of the same. wednesday night, early thursday, there could be a few passing showers and another little ripple coming through. no big storms. after that we are into a bit of a chilly pattern. get out the sweaters. daytime in the 50s but the weekend. >> don't change your mind about that weekend. we're looking forward to a weekend rain free. >> i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. okay. >> thank you, bob. coming up tonight -- a special welcome for the "uss new york." ♪ >> the boss takes over the verizon center. and in sports, the skins next opponent in a primetime showdown tonight in new orleans.
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watching that game tonight. just loving all of that offense. isn't it wonderful to see offense like that? >> the funny thing is, if the redskins have a significant advantage this week, it would be the falcons have a shorter workweek. >> maybe they'll be tired. >> i don't think so. it doesn't matter. >> tonight the falcons play the monday night matchup against the saints. they are so good. there's a significant chance they could be 11-0 when they roll into fedex field later this season. new orleans has an offense as consistent as the day is long. and the falcons are trying to become the first team to find a way to bottle that up. right now it's tied 28-28 with 10 minutes to go in the game.
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we're in new orleans. first quarter, game tied 7-7. not how drew brees wanted things to go on this play. has time but delayed blitz. drewbrees, the ball comes out. the falcons take a 14-7 lead. brees and the saints would respond in the next possession. marques colston gets it. 18 yards on the touchdown. just like that, we are tied again at 14-14. how would matt ryan respond? the quarterback forbe the falcons. late in the first half, ryan trying to complete a pass to ronnie white. jabari greer steps in front, returns it. guess what. grier would take it down 48 yards for the touchdown. the saints take a 28-14 lead. currently the score 28-24. as for players, they enjoy the chance to watch the live game. and i'm talking about the redskins here, of their next
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opponent, versus just seeing it on game phone during the week. it's something they think they can use to their advantage. 2-5 facing their first game post bye week, the redskins will certainly take all that they can get. let's go to the field. redskins are back on the practice field. for the fist time, post bye week. players recharged their batteries and redskins know their still face those offensive issues. got to find a way to get it going. players said today they were taking the opportunity to study the game of their fellow future opponent tonight. >> it's kind of different. you sit back and instead of watch the film, you watch a live play and observe full speed what guys are doing against another team t will be good just kind of observing. >> you don't pull out a notebook but you make mental notes. you make mental notes. you need a notebook when you're in here and really sit down and take notes and understand what's goinon in the game plan. i would be trying to figure out what's going on, what they're
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trying to do. >> deangelo hall is one player affected by changes in the post bye week. redskins intend to give them the bulk of the reps on punt returns. they will still use santana mon and randle el. tail etch ovechkin is week o week with an upper body injury. this will be the second game of his career hee missed because of injury. let's go to the verizon center. last night during the second period, ovechkin was involved in this collision with raffy torres. it's unclear really where he hurt himself but he fell hard at least on that play on his left elbow. he skated towards the bench, signaling that he was done. >> we have to buckle down. you look at a goal a game he scored. we cant lou four, five goals a game. you have to win 3-1 and 2-1, and if you get lucky sometimes make
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it a 4-2 game. i think we've got enough character players in there that they will understand what we have to do without alex. >> it's going to be interesting without alex. you were saying the other night they know they need to really increase their scoring regardless, even if they're head in the game. ovechkin has six multigoal games already this season. >> miss him if he's not there. >> it's unclear. he won't be there wednesday but it's possible he could be back by the end of the week. also, the phillies have won the game, and so, therefore, the series go back to the bronx. >> yankees win it in new york? >> yes, 8-6. they could win in n
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authorities in ohio now face five of six women found dead in the house of a convicted rapist last week have been strangled. police in cleveland were investigating other sex assault allegations against anthony sowell when they found the bodies. investigators are having trouble identifying the women because some of them had been there for some time. meanwhile, neighbors claim the police received numerous complaints about violence against women in sowell's home but they say little was done about it. a tower of water made quite a mess after a water main break in california today. the pressure released from the 54-inch pipe created a geyser in front of a restaurant in sherman oaks. it took crews about an hour and a half to get the water down to a small fountain.
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firefighters say they had to work slowly because a wrong move could have caused another break. it was a journey home today for a ship that was partially forged from steel salvaged from the world trade center. the "uss new york" arrived in new york city, where it was greeted with a 21-gun salute. families of 9/11 victims who gathered to watch say this ship holds special meaning for them. the crest is etched with an image of a phoenix rising from the twin towers and the words "never forget." the ship's bow was built with 7 1/2 tons of steel from the world trade center. it will be commissioned this weekend.
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bruce -- let's start all over again. take two. bruce springsteen back in d.c. tonight. he and the e street band took the stage at verizon center. they played their entire 1975 album "born to run." fans had fun, especially when springsteen went crowd surfing. tonight's show dedicated to the it


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